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Class of medical training for officers and ratings is supplied with training medical equipment, dummies, simulators, first aid kits, diagnostic equipment, means of care for sick seafarers. The medical class provides carrying out of obligatory requirements, specified in Regulation VI/1, VI/4 -1, of the STCW Convention, as amended and Section A-VI/1, A-VI/4 – 1.6, Tables A-VI/1-3, A-VI/4-1, A-VI/4-2 of the STCW Code, as amended.

The qualified medical professional is involved in students training.

Class of medical training is provide training the skills and methods in artificial respiration and chest compressions, making intravenous injection, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intramuscular injection and setting an enema and supported the tools, considering the International Medical Guide for Ships (Geneva. World Health Organization. 1992), automatic external defibrillator, blood pressure measuring apparatus, human skeleton, visual aids, posters, instructional videos set, computer and multimedia projector.