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The TRANSAS Engine Room simulators are designed for skills training and assess the competence of engine department personnel who are in charge of an engineering watch including chief engineers.

Simulator ERS 5000 TechSim is an exact and detailed copy of modern ships, their systems, machinery and equipment. The given version of the Simulator is designed for extended and profound training under normal and emergency situations.


  • Acquaintance with engine room systems and their components ? machinery and equipment;
  • studying and analyzing the schemes of the ship’s systems;
  • control and handle the work of systems, machinery and equipment;
  • to teach the control systems’ principles operation, automation and emergency alarm;
  • Monitoring of hazardous emissions, emissions optimizations and fuel economy;
  • Ship’s electric power plant handling and balance of power;
  • Operation and engineering watch under normal and emergency situations, search and trouble-shooting; exploitation и carrying out the watch under ordinary and emergency conditions, search the malfunctions and fixing them;
  • Resource Management.