Rating Forming Part of a Navigation Watch (Reg II/4)

Get a complete marine education for the profession:  NAVIGATIONAL WATCH II/4 (approved by the Panamian Maritime Authority)

  • Name of the course: Rating Forming Part of a Navigation Watch (Reg II/4)
  • Course approved by: Maritime Administration of Panama
  • Language: English
  • Instructor: qualified instructors of TCS “AVANT”
  • Students: 25
  • Duration: 11 days (including required certificates)
  • Age at the end of education – not less than 18
  • Basic English knowledge required
  • Minimum physical condition required as per IMO are:
    – Height 155 cm
    – Weight 48 kgs.
    – Eyesight 6/6 in each eye without visual aids. Normal colour vision.
  • Digital photo
  • Color copy of valid Passport
  • To complete the education process required to have 2 months sea service.
  • The sea service may be obtained on any ship at your region or TCS Avant will provide training ship.
  • Available sea service will be counted towards sea service required to have for the complete education.
  • Proof of the sea service:
    – Certificate of seagoing service (letter of experience) on the served ship form (signed and stamped by Master)
    – A copy of your national Seamen’s Book stamped with ships served.

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