Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and Use of ARPA. Operational Level

R002 Radar navigation, radar plotting and use of ARPA at the operational level

COURSE TITLE Radar navigation, radar plotting and use of ARPA at the operational level
COURSE APPROVED BY American  Bureau of  Shipping, Maritime  Administrations of :  Liberia, Panama, Republic of Marshall Islands, Ukraine
LANGUAGE Russian, English
SCOPE Training requires by the STCW 78, as amended, (Regulations I/12, II/1), STCW Code as amended, (Sections A-I/12, A-II/1,B-I/12, B-II/1; Table A-II/1)
OBJECTIVES Trainees successfully completing the course will be able to recognize when  radar should  be in use and  select a suitable  mode and range setting for the circumstances and set controls for optimal performance as  well as be aware of the limitations of the equipment in detecting

targets and in terms of accuracy.

ENTRY STANDARDS Deck officers, cadets of maritime colleges
CERTIFICATION On  successful  completion of  this course, a  document will be  issued certifying that the holder has successfully completed the course “Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and use of ARPA at the operational level”.
STUDENT NUMBER LIMITATION The maximum number of course attendees is 8
STAFF REQUIREMENTS The  course  is conducted  by a qualified  instructor, which  hold a valid Master’s license and has a practical experience in this subject.  
FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT Simulator TRANSAS “Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 version 5.20
TEACHING AIDS Whiteboard  and DVD player,  overhead projector,  placards, audio and video aids, PowerPoints,  
TEACHING METHOD Theory in a classroom, practical exercises at “Navi-Trainer” simulator
BASED UPON IMO MODEL COURSES 1.07, 3.12, 6.09, 7.03