Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch

 B004  Deck ratings forming part of a navigation watch

COURSE TITLE Deck ratings forming part of a navigational watch
COURSE APPROVED BY American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Maritime Administration of : Liberia , Panama , Republic of Marshall Islands, Ukraine.
LANGUAGE Russian, English
SCOPE To provide seafarers employed or engaged in capacity of ratings forming part of a navigationalwatch on board necessary training in order to demonstrate the competence to perform the

navigation function at the support level, as specified in column 1 of table A-ll/4.

OBJECTIVES All seafarers employed or engaged on board ship as part of ratings forming part of a navigationalwatch shall demonstrate a minimum knowledge, understanding and proficiency. Every candidate

for certification shall be required to provide evidence of having achieved the required standard of

competence in accordance with the methods for demonstrating competence and the criteria

for evaluating competence specified in columns 3 and 4 of table A-ll/4 which shall include, but

not limited the following :

  • keep a proper look-out by sight and hearing;
  • steer the ship and also comply with helm orders in the English language;
  • understand shipboard terms and definitions;
  • use of appropriate internal communication and alarm systems;
  • ability to understand orders and to communicate with the officer of the watch on matters relevant to watchkeeping duties;
  • procedures for the relief, maintenance and handover of a watch;
  • basic environmental protection procedures;
  • operate emergency equipment and apply emergency procedures.
ENTRY STANDARDS Every candidate for certification shall:-be not less than 17 years of age;

-be physically fit for duty as per required by Regulation I/9 of STCW-78, as amended and National standards;

-Passed a special training, either pre-sea or on board ship, including an approved period of

seagoing service which shall not be less than two months.

CERTIFICATION On successful completion of the course and having a confirmation of seagoing service not lessthan two months, a certificate will be issued verifying that the holder has been successfully

trained and assessed in capacity of ratings forming part of a navigational watch.

STUDENT NUMBER LIMITATION The maximum number of course attendees is 25
STAFF REQUIREMENTS The course is conducted by qualified instructors that hold master’s licenses and have an adequate experience in this subject.
FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT TRANSAS Simulator “Navi-Trainer 5000” , training ship “ AVANT “
TEACHING AIDS Whiteboard and DVD player, overhead projector, placards, audio and video aids, Power Points.
TEACHING METHOD Theory in classroom, practical exercises at “Navi-Trainer 5000” simulator , training ship “ AVANT “